Welcome Home!

We are delighted and happy to let you know that JoAnna Dickey has chosen to make he Missin g Elements her home base!  In addition to special events we do together, she will be doing other events, on a quarterly schedule at our store.  You can check out her website at:  https://shamanic-consultations.com/ for more details.  JoAnna is also a regular vendor at the Central Kentucky Mystical Market, where she helps you find answers to you questi9ns.

If you haven't met JoAnna, has inherited gifts as a psychic medium and seer.  She has developed shamanic techniques from years of study, old old world wisdom and inherited talent.  She is also a Reiki Master Teacher.

She offers and participated in seminars and workshops in shamanic divination, channeled messages from spirit guides, totem animals, animal guides, ancestors, past lives and much more.

JoAnna also specializes in soul retrievals, and works to offer them to members of themilitary to help them find peace and healing from past traumas.

JoAnna has also done extensive training with renowned Shamanic teacher and author, Sandra Ingerman.

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